Social Media

The problem with social media, that should have been addressed at Harvard 2004, is that lots of people with underdeveloped abilities to moderate themselves, immature amygdala, feel no fear to spew hatred. And hatred, like … Read More

The Rittenhouse Effect

Kyle Rittenhouse did not shoot Jacob Blake. A white policeman who was not held responsible for his murder did. That sparked massive protests about a broken justice system in Kenosha in the time of George … Read More


This is long, but the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different outcomes… When I grew up, I lived at home with my mom and dad, … Read More

Shield Energy

“When she entered broadcast journalism in Chicago, she recalled being told that she would never succeed, for many reasons. In addition to her race, gender and short hair, a supervisor told her, she came across … Read More

Give me a break!

A few years ago I sat in a luncheon at the capitol for a major civil rights organization. The key note speaker was one Mitch McConnell. I wondered to myself, out of all of the … Read More

The Youth and the First

Last week I had the privilege to be a judge for an essay writing contest for middle schoolers and high schoolers to “describe or depict how one or more of the five freedoms listed in … Read More