Social Media

The problem with social media, that should have been addressed at Harvard 2004, is that lots of people with underdeveloped abilities to moderate themselves, immature amygdala, feel no fear to spew hatred. And hatred, like compound interest, multiplies on itself. I think everyone is entitled to say whatever they want, no problem. But hate and ignorance multiply much faster than reason and facts. People who have the innate need to manipulate, harm and destroy, are over represented in these spaces. When things get serious, and it’s not time for unmitigated blather, it doesn’t stop. What do serious people want to do about it?

I closed down my twitter account the other day. Not because of Elon Musk, but because the tweets on there have gotten so negative and there are too many people who are clearly “bots” since the beginning of the Ukraine invasion. It was really “harshing my mellow!” I do not miss it. And I thought I would go ahead and shut down my Facebook too. I saw this post that had pictures of the VP and her husband, Van Jones and his wife, Clarence Thomas and his wife, and Ketanji Jackson and her husband. The title was ” and you think these people care about Black people?” or something like that. I knew right away that’s a bot. But the responses to it, all Black folk were awful. I am pondering shutting this down too. It is demoralizing, and I don’t need ANYTHING else to feel anxious, or sad, or bad about! But Facebook is one connection to friends I rarely see and people from my past and sometimes I just love the updates. But truthfully, I am still wondering if it is worth it. There has to be a better way to stay in touch without the mind-bending crazy crap everywhere. 

In this election year, which is every year, every month, every day now, it’s only going to get worse. Anonymous divisiveness is the norm, and as I heard in church yesterday “micro aggressions have become macro aggressions” and I really don’t want to hear how racist, homophobic, misogynist, antisemitic, and downright hateful people are. Frankly, it’s scary. So in this Easter week, I am still thinking but what I also heard in church about a week ago that “whatever you can’t rest from, you are a slave to”. 

I am one inconsequential person, and not an “influencer” so it doesn’t really matter, but in these times, enough.

Have a happy Easter everyone, or a happy Passover, and a peaceful Ramadan. It is time for renewal of the spirit y’all. I mean.