The Cuomo Questions

In talking about breaching seminal moments yesterday the governor in his eloquent daily brief talked about how big major problems get solved i.e. What are the operational steps we take to get there? He asked, “When we tackled income inequality, we raised the minimum wage.” And it got done.

“When we tackled marriage equality, we said people should love and marry who they want.” And it was done.

“So, you say you want to have rogue policemen to stop killing black people?” Is voting to get a maniacal dictator out of office who believes that he and his cronies have no knowledge of what leadership looks like. They believe that the DJT model of strength up and down is through shows of military and police force so we can get that done too.

But what specifically do you want?

What are some of the pieces that solve bigotry in our country?

Educational upgrades to curriculum that reflect the current economy? 

Access to the internet with whole family knowledge that helps everyone moves forward together? 

I think we can get that done.

Healthcare that affords equal access to quality care to every single citizen including mental healthcare that allows healing and maintenance for diseases that have compounded over 250 years so that people can work productively and without hindrance from chronic illness and high-priced medicines.

Housing is not a matter of segregation and it is not solely the equitable distribution of resources. But those financial resources without mortgage or loan schemes which discriminate against people of color so that everyone has an opportunity to build wealth. And there may be a need to catch some people up, some call it reparations. But banks and capital are crucial to building long term strong families.

Truth in job equity. Equity on just one level means using the ideas, access and knowledge of all people whose lived experience bring something interesting and important to the table that can only be heard if we let it. 

Justice reform what does this mean? Fairness in the system that sees Black people, not people of color, differently, in arresting, sentencing and incarceration.

How do we talk about race in constructive ways that include acknowledging WE HAVE A PROBLEM, WE CANNOT JUST SIT AND GROW OUT OF IT? Incrementally better over 400 years Is. Not. Better. Pointing to this one or that ONE who was able to evade the barriers is not proof of a well-functioning culture. African Americans are not just fabulously gifted artists or athletes who do amazingly well for owners who are already super rich and it should not solely be the burden of the Robert Johnsons who live outside of those worlds to rectify the ills of a sick society. And to coin a phrase “everyone knows it.”

Obama, Cuomo, Biden, Pritzker, Lightfoot and Foxx know these answers in heads and in hearts and viscerally. Or at least they can be taught. These are big problems with lots of moving parts. Everyone needs to be in there and pick their passion. It doesn’t have to be everything.

DJT does not know this on any level and his hatred will never let him be taught anything, ever.

George Floyd can’t breathe anymore, but we can and we must. Laquan McDonald can’t breathe anymore, be we can and we must. My lived experience is just as good and valuable as yours. Challenge yourself to show just how important it is. Opportunity is right here right now. It’s not that this will be the only time, but every time, we must start thinking and doing. When you vote know who, know why, do the research and demand that they follow through.