The Rittenhouse Effect

Kyle Rittenhouse did not shoot Jacob Blake. A white policeman who was not held responsible for his murder did. That sparked massive protests about a broken justice system in Kenosha in the time of George Floyd. Remember him? Here’s the thing, KR went to Kenosha to “protect” white Kenoshans from marauding BlackBLM protesters. He seriously injured one and killed two white men. I truthfully do not know why those men were in Kenosha on the streets wielding guns and wilding the night they were shot. That’s another discussion about the “summer of violence”. However, it is being portrayed as if KR was protecting white people from Black terrorists. It is used to justify actions like January 6th meant to tear the democracy apart. This KR trial is manipulation meant to incite fear and violence that will be “justified”.

Ask Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and John Crawford what happens to Black men when they are playing, walking, and shopping while Black. It is a race issue. Their indictments and trials happened in the street, in an instant, no one held accountable.

KR is a puppet boy with a gun, with evil bad parents, whose amygdala isn’t mature, who shouldn’t have been in Kenosha with a serious weapon playing cop. If he was scared and shot people to save his life, like the police say they are when they are shooting unarmed Black men, then he should not have been there at all; it wasn’t a 17 year old boy’s job. He is being made rich, a martyr, and a hero for some, a rallying cry. When in reality the WHOLE damn criminal justice system in Kenosha should be on trial. I believe that this is why this crazy judge was assigned to this trial. From the moment Jacob Blake was shot point blank and his police shooter was exonerated, we knew. There is no justice to be had here. It’s a big old “try and do something about it”!

There is no “riot” or protest necessary on the verdict of this trial that will change Kenosha law. That’s a waste of time. The potential for more un accountable death in a justice system where they’ll kill their own to showcase their intractable power is not worth our lives. This issue is bigger yet again. Ignoring subpoenas, flaunting laws, and slap on the wrist sentencing has become a norm. Not for Black “thugs”, but for white thugs and terrorists. Hidden in plain sight is the reality of these actions. Justice is practiced racially in our country and it must change with mandates at the federal level. Justice is not a states right. Voting, the act and the right, the work of accountability is the core.

If you didn’t know it you should now. This is more Psy-ops manipulation to take our focus off the motivation. A brewing racial war This is a country of thugs and terrorists who think guns are the solution. I do not care what happens to KR, His insipid self is not the catalyst. Now Ahmad Aubery, we might have a different discussion. If we don’t change the systems we’ll fight this battle forever more. When are we going to be ready to do what’s necessary and disrupt the institutions and fight the power? Because I, for one, sure don’t feel safe right now…