Digital Divisiveness

It can be argued with significant merit and historical analysis that the migration and concentration of people of color, Black and Latinx specifically, has always been intentional, engineered … and self-serving. Propaganda, gaslighting, and lies about … Read More

The COVID 19 response

As I have sheltered in place like many of you from COVID-19 I have thought a lot about the future.  As a mother I wonder what life will look like for my daughters and other … Read More

The Business of History

This business of history… Three things I learned this week and propaganda. Hagiography. Biography that idealizes (sanctifies) its subject. This is a word I had not been aware of before but have always understood its … Read More

THI will host several meet ups

THI will host several meet ups before the end of 2018 to include and engage communities on discussions regarding race, equity and humanity as a conscious act. Public Launch in January 2019